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"URI's introductory course gave me the courage to make a covenant with God to live my life as close to Jesus Christ as possible, no matter what resistance or persecution I may face. It challenged me and set the tone as for what God expects of me as His servant and disciple."                                                                                     - Lisa P., Adult Learning

"URI has given me a deeper knowledge of various Bible teachings. The dedication and commitment of the staff to provide us with an excellent education was beyond measure. I was academically challenged, but more importantly spiritually."                              

- Brigido L., Bible Doctrine I 


"The curriculum and scholarly materials paired up with the support of an objective environment have provided the opportunity for me to gain understanding and revelation of the Word of God related to spiritual Warfare. My level of confidence has grown in appropriately applying the Word of God to real life situations and has strengthened my witness to others". 
- Sandy S., Theology & Practice of Spiritual Warfare 

"My time at URI has been fantastic. Classes are fun, interactive and promote a great atmosphere for learning".                               --- Rolando N., URI Promotional Course 


At Urban Reformers we understand the importance of balance in life, work, and ministry. Taking into consideration these needs we offer night and weekend courses.​ 

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