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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the classes accredited?

Urban Reformers is in partnership with Oral Roberts University. This does not constitute as sharing in its accreditation. ORU has privileged URI with the resources and partnership in order to provide quality education for ministry leaders and others seeking to expand their knowledge of the Kingdom without making traditional college investment of time and money. 

How much does it cost to take classes at URI?

Urban Reformers goal is to provide the best curriculum at the lowest possible cost. Traditional Christian undergraduate education is competitively priced with other undergraduate institutions. URI provides an undergraduate caliber of study at a fraction of the cost. Our tuition rate is more than 60% lower than traditional Colleges and Universities.

Can I audit the class?

Urban Reformers has worked hard to provide the lowest cost to our enrolled students, for this reason an audit will not be offered. However, prospective students interested in shadowing a class session may be allowed a pass through the Academic Counseling office.

Are scholarships available?

URI has no scholarships available at this time. Students may solicit scholarships and discounts from their own churches. DESATAR Ministry members qualify for a 15% discount.

What is the time commitment/class term?

In order to accommodate the schedules of our adult students, we offer a variety in our class schedule. Each semester we will offer classes on a week night, Saturday morning, or both, in addition to online sessions. The class term is approximately 37 hours.


What will the workload be like?

URI is dedicated in bringing the highest level of education to its Institute students, the work load can be rigorous for some. Students can expect to read and write essays/papers. The time needed to accomplish this will vary from student to student. We recommend a minimum of 5 hours per week be separated for study.

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